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Staten Island Childbirth

Regina Paleau
Natural Childbirth Educator

Your baby’s birth is a miracle,

whether it’s natural, a cesarean or in-between.

You want to know what to expect, how to handle it.

You want your partner involved in meaningful ways.

You want the best birth possible for your baby.

Choose a teacher with experience and a great reputation.

Choose a class that focuses on practicing together, using many relaxation techniques and coaching skills for labor.

Choose a class that empowers you with knowledge and prepares you to face birth as a team.

Choose a class that brings you closer together in the process.

You Will Learn...

  • How nature works to birth your baby.

  • Coping skills and coaching techniques.

  • The pros and cons of labor interventions.

  • How to handle complications and make informed choices.

  • How to work with your medical team.

  • What to expect with your newborn.

  • Accepting and non-judgemental.

  • A safe-environment to discuss your hopes & fears.

  • A place where you can laugh and have fun together.

  • Very physical and interactive.

  • Flexible, to work with your schedule.

  • Tailored to meet your needs with small group, private and refresher classes available.

Classes Are...

The Best Preparation for Your Birth

A Physical, Mental & Emotional Approach

In every class you'll learn practical skills by working together on:

  • Labor & birth positions

  • Massage, stroking &  other coaching skills

  • Relaxation & visualizations

  • Deep meditations to connect to your spirit

Skills Training for
Dads & Labor Partners

Labor partners will learn:

  • The roles they can play in labor: protector, comforter & advocate.

  • What to say & do at every stage of labor.

  • Physical & mental techniques to help you through labor.

Learning Continues
in Your Home

You’ll get interactive homework including:

  • Couple's practice you can do at home.

  • Links to birth videos to prepare you for multiple scenarios.

  • Regina’s own audio relaxation practices to use at home.

  • The latest research.


 "Even though I deviated from my original

birth plan, I can say with confidence that

I had a wonderful birth experience. I was the one calling the shots and never felt that

anything was forced upon me.

 I just want to THANK YOU for all that you did.

I don’t believe I would have handled things as knowledgeably and calmly if not for taking the classes with you. We went into it prepared for anything, and that was half the battle!"


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